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Private Investigators Basic Training Course

Our Private Investigation course is completely online and is accessible 24/7, that allows students to complete the Investigations Training on their own time. True Reliable Investigations Ontario Inc. (T.R.I.O.) is in strict compliance with the Training Syllabus and Test Preparation Guide as set out by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS).

​The Private Investigators Basic Training course that T.R.I.O. Investigations offers, is in Power Point format, and unlike some other course providers, is in colour, has relevant pictures, and provides where to find the authority (Acts and Sections) on the information. Our course was also taught for a number of years at Cambrian College in Sudbury as a part of the "Corporate Safety and Security" as well as the "Protection, Security, and Investigation" programs.

The "MCSCS Training Syllabus for Private Investigators" consists of eight (8) sections:


1: Introduction to the Private Investigation Industry

2: The Private Security and Investigative Services Act (PSISA)

3: Provincial and Federal Statutes

4: Criminal and Civil Law (Court Systems)

5: Investigative Techniques

6: Principles of Ethical Reasoning/Decision-making

7: Key Principles of Communication and Interaction

8: Self-Management Skills


Once you complete the Private Investigator Basic Training 50-hour course, True Reliable Investigations Ontario Inc. will issue you a training certificate and course completion number. With that course completion number, you will then contact SERCO to schedule your exam at most Ontario Driver's Examination Centers. Once you pass the exam, you will contact the MCSCS to apply for your license.


In our experience, Private Investigators can earn a minimum of $60,000+ a year to start. The average Private Investigator who works full-time after completing our Private Investigator course or PI training with True Reliable Investigations Ontario Inc. can earn approximately $5,000.00 per month or more in Southern Ontario.

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Please ensure that you are "eligible" to become a Private Investigator.

Private Investigator Basic Training Course

Course Cost $199.99

Write your Private Investigators Test at Ontario Drive Test Centers

To pay via Credit Card or Paypal, select the “Blue Square” button. There is a processing fee for Paypal and Credit Card. If you would like to pay via Interact email money transfers, you can send the E-Transfer to at a cost of $225.99 (Taxes Included). Please note E-Transfers may take a few hours before they are received. With E-transfers, please send us an email with your full name, email address, and home address at the same time you send payment. There are NO REFUNDS ON OUR PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR COURSE. If you are paying using someone else’s credit card information, please notify us immediately after payment, so we do not issue the course to the incorrect person.

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