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Private Investigation Services in Ontario, Canada

T.R.I.O. Investigations offers an array of services including, but not limited to:

For further information on each of these areas, please refer to the specific headings under Services.

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

Act current to 2017-09-27 and last amended on 2015-06-23

Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information.
Logo of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Personal information

Private Investigators in Ontario frequently deal with the collection, storage, dissemination and destruction of highly sensitive information. Private Investigators working for organizations are also limited in terms of what third party personal information they can collect, use and disclose.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada enforce two federal privacy laws in Canada: "Privacy Act" and "Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act" (PIPEDA).


Under PIPEDA, Schedule 1 (Section 5), knowledge and consent are NOT required to collect, use, or disclose, personal information, when the information is being collected for:

1. the Detection or Prevention of Fraud (Insurance); or

​2. Law Enforcement (Contravention of a Law);

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