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Corporate Investigations in Ontario, Canada

T.R.I.O. Investigations specializes in corporate investigations on employees who are suspected of abusing company benefits such as STD/LTD, modified duties, WSIB, and theft, as well as other issues. We provide a fully detailed chronological report along with video evidence to support our findings to provide Clients with the evidence they need to take appropriate action.


The time-frames of these investigations could range from a few days, to months, even years for more serious and in-depth investigations, such as undercover operations.


Corporate Investigations include, but are not limited to:

  • WSIB Claims

  • STD / LTD Claims

  • Time Theft

  • Infringement

  • Undercover Operations

  • Asset Locate/Recovery

  • Interviews and Statements

Time Theft

Every business has employees that manage their own time such as Sales Representatives or other management level staff.  These employee's are usually salary-based and spend time out of the office under their own supervision. They are are entrusted with billing for the time that they are supposed to be working.  


When Sales Reps are supposed to be making sales calls, but actually running personal errands, staying at home, or doing anything non-work related on company time, they are committing "time theft". Other management level staff may also take advantage of their positions, as they only answer to the company owners. They also have the opportunity to come and go from the office as they please. Again, if they are not doing anything work-related,  they should not be billing for their time - they should be taking the day off. Otherwise they too are committing "time theft".

Employee's committing "time theft" include, but is not limited to:

} Leaving work early / Arriving late, to do personal errands / business;

} Doing anything that is NOT work-related;

} Taking extended breaks


This type of investigation usually deals with Sales Representatives or Senior Management who's employment has been terminated. 


There is usually a non-competition clause(s) and/or non-solicitation clause(s) in their employment agreement that prevents the sales representative from approaching the company's existing clients and/or employee's, and/or establishing a competitive business within a preset distance.


Undercover Operations consists of an Investigator working as regular employee of a company to conduct  "internal investigations". Only a select few people will be aware of the Investigator's involvement with these type of investigations. Usually only upper-management and/or the Investigator's direct supervisor at the business.


Our Private Investigators work as a regular employee of the business, however collect intelligence on the particular issue we have been hired for (ie: theft, union issues, plots against management, etc.) After the scheduled shift at the business, the Investigator would compile a detailed report on the information that they gathered that day, and provide the client with regular updates.


During this course of Undercover Investigations, our Investigators are NOT required to carry their Private Investigators licence with them. This is a safety precaution, in the event the Investigator's investigation becomes compromised, they would not have any evidence of being an Investigator.

Asset Locate / Recovery

A variety of assets such as money, vehicles, inventory, etc., may be hidden before being liquidated. Through surveillance and investigative means, we attempt to locate / recover assets to present proof of those assets in court.

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