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Insurance Investigations in Ontario, Canada


In 2015, Canadian property and casualty insurers paid out over $30 billion in claims - accounting for more than 61% of their total revenue. To protect such a large portion of their business, the need for insurance investigations grows. 

Whether the claims are from the Life and Health or Property and Casualty sectors of insurance, True Reliable Investigations Ontario Inc. is familiar with the nature and variety of claims investigations. We are efficient in finding the best resolution for each individual company and adjuster, and are dedicated to protecting our clients’ business interests from the losses that can be caused by threats to their specific industries.

TRIO Investigations focus is on being the most advanced, yet current in processes and techniques, guaranteeing the ultimate in high-quality, evidential worth for mediations, arbitrations and trial applications. We take great pride in producing precise, factual and distinct reports in the industry, which are relied upon by adjusters, examiners, and legal counsel around the province and country.

Accidents happen, injuries do occur, and claims are made on a daily basis. For a variety of reasons, some legitimate claims are embellished and red flags are raised by Insurance Adjusters or Examiners.

Surveillance and Investigations can be a valuable asset when the Insurance company is attempting to set up "reserves" in anticipation of a potential settlement payouts under vehicle insurance policies. Knowing what the claim is worth can be ascertained by conducting surveillance to determine the claimant's level of activity and mobility.

Furthermore, some claimants are not interested in returning to their pre-accident activities or employment, and attempt to make false claims such as IRB's, caregiving, housekeeping, etc., to maintain some type of income, although under false pretenses. Again, surveillance and investigations can provide answers whether or not these claims are justified.

Insurance Investigations can include, but are not limited to:

  • Liability and litigation support

  • Claims history (Previous accidents / injuries)

  • Claimant interviews and statements

  • Police interviews

  • Employer interviews

  • Activity checks

  • Contestable and non-contestable death claims
    Where a death occurred that shouldn’t have.
    (Clients are usually family members or their lawyers)

  • MVA injuries (Motor Vehicle Accidents)

  • WS&IB (Workplace Injuries)

  • STD / LTD (Short / Long Term Disability)

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