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Training Course Providers

The Private Investigator's Basic Training course is offered by numerous companies. However not all Training Providers follow the "MCSCS Training Syllabus for Private Investigators" diligently. First, ensure that the company you are taking the course with, is Registered as a "Training Provider" with the MCSCS in Ontario. (The website link is provided above)


​The Private Investigators Basic Training course that True Reliable Investigations Ontario Inc. (T.R.I.O. Investigations) offers, is in strict compliance with the "MCSCS Training Syllabus for Private Investigators", as well as the "MCSCS Private Investigator Test Preparation Guide". It is in Power Point format, and unlike some other course providers, is in colour, has relevant pictures, and provides where to find the authority (Acts and Sections) on the information.   

Our course was also taught at Cambrian College in Sudbury as a part of the "Corporate Safety and Security" as well as the "Protection, Security, and Investigation" programs.

The MCSCS states that "Web-based courses must include some real-time interaction with an instructor, should the student require it." Several students complain that they have had a hard time reaching instructors when they had questions. This is a prime example of why students need to take the time to research course providers BEFORE they pay for, and start the course. One simple way is to call the Training Provider ahead of time, and find out who the instructor is, what their direct contact information is, and when they will be available. This will help prevent these type of problems. 

The PSISA Regulations  of the MCSCS also states that "Training entities that are licenced agencies are required to provide students with a training certificate once the student successfully completes the training". Some training providers do not issue this certificate, rather just provide the course completion number that allows the student to write the Private Investigators Test.

As per the MCSCS, training certificates must include the following information:

- Student name;

- Training entity name;

- Type of training completed (Private Investigator Basic Training);

- Date training was completed; and

- Signature of training entity representative."

* The course completion number should also be included on the certificate.*

Certificate of Private Investigator Basic Training Course at TRIO Investigations.
Private Investigator Certificate
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