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Private Investigator Job Placement and On-the-Job Training in Canada

Two man shaking hands as indication of a deal.
A man recording a video during an investigation.

T.R.I.O. Investigations provides job placement opportunities to students who have completed our Private Investigator course and acquired their Private Investigator's licence.


If our company requires additional employees, we call our students FIRST! Anyone who shows significant skill, can be hired as a full-time surveillance investigator. Although our company cannot hire all students full-time, our staff maintains ties to other companies within the industry that may require Private Investigators. While working as a Private Investigator, you will have the opportunity to travel and work throughout Ontario or just in your hometown, whichever you prefer.


T.R.I.O. Investigations can also provide on-the-Job training by Investigators with over 25 years of experience consisting of various components of the job. You will learn how to start a case by conducting Background Research to confirm and develop information that will assist you to strategize how to proceed with Surveillance. You will learn various aspects of Surveillance, including how to properly follow and document (videotape) a subject's movements and activities, as well as compiling a Professional Report that accurately supports the video evidence obtained. Finally, should it be required, you will be trained how to edit your video.

Logo of Research.
A man instructing during the on-the-job training.
Chris Dowdall doing a background check in his office at TRIO Investigations.
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