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Chris Dowdall, President and Director of Operations of TRIO Investigations

Chris Dowdall


Director of Operations

Chris graduated from Seneca College with an Honours in Law Enforcement in 1994. He diversified careers from the security to the investigative field and became a licenced Private Investigator in 1995. Since then, Mr. Dowdall’s operational background has been rooted in surveillance, statement taking, inquiries, interviewing, and information searches, as well as providing other specialized services.

After returning to his home City of Sudbury in 2012, he realized there was a lack of surveillance and investigative services being offered to Northern Ontario communities, therefore Chris eventually established True Reliable Investigations Ontario Inc. (T.R.I.O. Investigations).

Chris has always excelled in his leadership and strategic management capabilities. He is a performance driven leader who combines skill, method, and wisdom to generate workplace experiences that ignite his staff to discover their potential and succeed through shared vision and contagious enthusiasm. Chris’ professional priorities focus on relations and putting people first, whether it is clients, employees, or industry partners.


Mr. Dowdall continues to upgrade his investigative knowledge and has successfully passed several credits towards his CIP designation. This has assisted in understanding client’s needs more accurately and led to more successful results and settlements.


Chris works closely with all investigators and reviews all completed files to ensure our work continues to meet the highest standards. His ongoing vision and belief of superior investigative work continues to be highly successful as he encourages his staff to fully utilize the most of their resources. Always pushing to strive for the best, Chris gives his staff the confidence to broaden their own skills. He is the pillar of quality assurance for the company, not only through his own work on assignments, but through his training, coaching, and leadership of others. His keen attention to understanding client need and fulfilling their objectives has earned him an outstanding reputation in the industry. "Trust and communication" are the hallmarks of his business philosophy, which emanate throughout the company and the valuable product that T.R.I.O. Investigations delivers.


Chris’ goal is to be able to continue to create personal and professional relationships with clients and provide professional quality service.  It is very important that we build a strong rapport with our clients and ensure that we are meeting objectives within allotted budgets. Chris always keeps his clients updated to ensure they are a part of the solution.


Chris continues to spearhead T.R.I.O. Investigations, being involved in hiring, training and supervision, client liaison, and business development. In addition, he continues to provide an array of surveillance and investigations services himself, and taught the Private Investigators Basic Training course at Cambrian College in Sudbury as a part of the "Corporate Safety and Security" as well as the "Protection, Security, and Investigation" programs for a number of years. The "Private Investigators Course" is also offered online on our website.

Feel free to contact Chris Dowdall directly at:

705-662-5408 or by email at

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