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Private / Domestic Investigations in Ontario, Canada

Two rings that intersects with each other that symbolizes marriage.

Aside from business investigations, private individuals also require specialized services. Private matters can be quite sensitive as they almost always deal with people’s lives. Therefore, it is crucial that investigations are conducted with compassion and empathy. And that's what TRIO Investigations always do.




Suspicions of a cheating partner may warrant infidelity investigations. This may be in preparation for a marriage or divorce. If there are any suspicions of a partner not being loyal, you may want to know before you tie the knot and make the relationship official. It is much easier to deal with these issues before things get legal and children become involved. On the other hand, if you are married, you may be looking for grounds for divorce and/or be able to prepare for a legal ending. Regardless, these questions need to be answered, for the sake of everyone involved.

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Child Support / Elderly Custody


Children may be the ones who truly suffer from a breakup if it is not amicable. One partner may no longer support the children emotionally, physically, or monetarily. T.R.I.O. Investigations may be able to document abuse or ascertain whether or not the parent in question has access to funds that should be used for Child Support. The parent may own property or other assets that if liquidated, could be used to support their children.


If it is a Child Custody issue, are both parents, abiding by the rules as agreed upon or set out by a court order? Do they actually have custody of the children when they are supposed to? Are they doing activities with the children or bringing them to their extra-curricular activities? Who is paying for those things?


Elders requiring care can also be of concern. Some elderly people cannot take care of themselves and fall under the same umbrella as a child. The same questions need to be asked and answered.

A man facing opposite to his wife and daughter that indicates a broken family.

Activity Checks

Child / Teenager / Senior 

Do you have concerns regarding the activities of your children or elders? Are your teenagers where they say they are, or are they being negatively influenced by their peers? Has their attitude changed recently? Do you need to be worried? Investigations and surveillance can determine if your family members are involved in anything that you should be concerned about, allowing you to take the appropriate action to correct or resolve potential problems before they manifest into something more serious.

Teenagers influenced by their peers.

All of these investigations will be handled professionally, and provided with the evidence you would require, in preparation for litigation in court if need be.


Investigations of this type include, but are not limited to:

● Bullying

● Child Custody Disputes

● Child Support – Proof of Income

● Litigation Support

● Computer / Cellular Forensic Audits

● Divorce Records Searches

● Infidelity

● Teenager Activity

● Elder Abuse / Neglect

● Child Abuse / Neglect

● Tenant Screening

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