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Special Investigations Unit

Special investigations entails conducting a variety of complex and often highly delicate investigations, in a discreet and professional manner. At times, these investigations demand unique interviewing and interrogation skills that can extract information pertinent to the task at hand.


For those individuals, institutions and organizations who require a discreet and/or legal way to deal with certain sensitive issues, T.R.I.O. Investigations has a highly skilled staff who bring a superior understanding of the Canadian Criminal Code, investigative procedures, and current case law. We are also well versed and experienced in areas relating to WDHP and the Ontario Human Rights Code.


T.R.I.O.'s Special Investigations Unit is led by _____________ who is a retired, highly decorated O.P.P. Detective Sergeant. Our staff is quite comfortable in dealing with individuals at all levels of business and government.

When it comes to Law Firms

When it comes to preparing for criminal cases.  we offer expert reviews on the following:

  • Overall quality of the police investigation, with respect to management and follow up of all investigative leads, including areas the defense should challenge in court

  • Quality of interviews conducted and recommendations for follow up (we could also do the follow up, including re-interviewing witnesses whose information is incomplete or contains deception

  • Quality and completeness of disclosure package provided by police and Crown (I can read between the lines on missing items)

  • Quality and completeness of search warrants and affidavits, including proper use and documentation of sources (a forte of mine)


In other words, we can quickly determine if there are holes in a police investigation.  These are all issues which could be the deciding factor for the defense as incompetent police investigations pervert the course of justice.


Special Investigations can include, but are not limited to:

● Major Criminal Investigations

● Homicides

● Sudden Deaths

● Thefts

● Interviewing / Statements

● Fire Cause Determination (Arson)

● Forensic Accounting

● Search Warrant Assessment & Reviews

● Municipal Corruption

● Missing Persons

● Witness Relocation

● Fraud Investigations

● Interrogation

● Forensic Interviewing

● Major Case Management

For further information, please contact _________________ directly at 705-________ or by email at

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